Design for Community Minded Organizations


The Process




The Outline

After a brief meeting or phone call to discuss ideas, we create a document that includes all pages, the content on each page, and breakdown of any advanced features.

Delivered as a Word Doc PDF.


The Wireframe

Once the outline is all set, we start sketching out concepts for each page.   As they develop, we send them to you.  We encourage you to sketch too!

Delivered as a JPG or PDF.


The Design Layout

This is where the magic happens.  We take the wireframe and bring it into Photoshop to create a realistic snapshot of your new site!

Delivered as a JPG or PDF.






We'll install the latest version of Drupal on a subdomain so you can view your site while it's being developed.  Then we create a user account for you to login at any point.



Once the site is installed, we'll create all of the pages and add content to them exactly how it's laid out in the Design Layout.



If the site requires advanced functionality, we install any extra modules, write additional code, and anything else that needs to happen to make your ideas come to life!


Theme Coding

We are experts in CSS code and use it at this phase to add colors, borders, spacing, backgrounds, and anything else that makes your site look pretty!



We code your site to follow the latest SEO practices, set up an XML site map (and submit it to Google), install the Metatag module (allows custom page titles and key words for each page), and implement anything else that would be advantageous.





Browser Testing

We test all pages, features, and admin area on all common web browsers (Chrome, Safari, FireFox, Edge, IE, Opera, Chromium, etc).


Device Testing

We test all pages, features, and admin area on all common devices (desktop, mobile, tablet).





Move Site to New Server

We can help you move your new site to a server that you've purchased, help with domain registration, domain pointing, and anything else needed to get your site online.




1 on 1 Training

After the site is completed, we will teach you how to use your site, edit pages, add new content, and anything else you want to know.

Website Manual

We create an online website manual that lists everything covered in the 1 on 1 session as well as other tips to help you manage your website!


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