We build websites using Drupal



Drupal is a powerful, open source CMS.


Our ability to listen to your needs combined with our knowledge of the web allows us make effective designs.


Our Work


Our office is at Carlson CoWork



Carlson CoWork is a cowork space in Rochester, NY that focuses on community and collaboration.


CUSTOM 100 operates in this space and collaborates on many projects with other members.


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About Darren


Darren Miller
Owner, Lead Developer

Darren Miller is the founder and current owner of CUSTOM 100. For 8 years, he has been the lead developer and manager of all CUSTOM 100's operations.  Darren has designed websites for many business industries including t-shirt production, e-therapy, youth organizations, data analysis, legal, fitness and many more.

Darren is not only a web designer. His creative skills include photography, video production, music production, and 3D modeling.  When he's not designing, you'll most likely find Darren playing music.  He a guitar player at heart, but also enjoys bass, keys, and drums.


What does CUSTOM 100 mean?



Our goal is to create custom designs, 100% of the time.  That's how we came up with this name a long time ago.  It was intended to be something that said exactly what we do.  Then, the concepts of custom and 100 gave rise to more meaning.  CUSTOM, a  unique creation that represents each person we work with.  100, the number of percent that represents completion, a century of time.  The number is very powerful.  We see all of our projects 100% of the way through, sometimes even more than that.  Now, CUSTOM 100 means a fresh design, every single time, that will not fall short of expectation.