Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance Includes:


Updating text or images
Adding new pages
Fixing links in main menu
Changing colors, spacing, or fonts
Updating headers, footers, sidebars




Pick a plan below that works for your business.  The more hours you buy per month, the lower the cost!


Monthly Plans:

  every day every other day twice week once per week twice per month once per month
# of hours / month 30 15 8 4 2 1
hourly rate 15 22 30 35 40 45
total / month $450 $330 $240 $140 $80 $45




For each set of updates, we will provide an expected date of completion. 

If your updates are time sensitive, please let us know.  This may affect the overall price or we may not be able to do the updates at all. 

Sometimes we have to give a range of dates or relative value depending on how many other projects we have going.